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The Adobe World Headquarters is an office skyscraper complex in downtown San Jose, California.

Thank you to the amazing team at Adobe San Jose I had the chance to visit the amazing Photoshop floor and have lunch with one of my big heroes Russel Brown!

I also had so much fun catching my Photoshop guru Jesùs Ramirez having a play on Photoshop 1. If you don’t know him yet you must visit his Photoshop Training Channel.
The Photoshop floor, with its time capsules, open co-working spaces and beautiful artwork’s gallery was a great inspiration.

The time capsules, enclose the vibe of each decade of Photoshop release. A real representation of the users environment, filled with gadgets, art and decor that describe the culture of each year, down to the very last detail.

During my visit I crossed path with very inspiring people that have welcomed me and showed me around.
A huge thank you for the hospitality, I had a blast and I really hope to be back soon!