First of all I owe 75k of thank you to all of you that supported me!
I am very honored and humbled by this award. More than 1100 projects have been entered for the XI Fedrigoni Top Award from 28 countries worldwide. The TOP Award ceremony was held in Berlin on the 8th of May of this year.

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Plant Therapy is Studio Printmysoul’s first independent publication that features intriguing illustrations and simple professional advice on caring for indoor plants. Produced by designer Kladi Vergine, the book strikes a balance of both style and substance.

“The care and determination used to grow and make plants survive, as I share in Plant Therapy, is very similar to how I develop and curate a design project. Observe, learn about the subject and find the correct solution, within existent limitations, to create a noticeable difference and bring beauty to life” 

Plant Therapy is a great example of that: printed on premium luxurious papers, made in Italy by Fedrigoni, with an elegant black rainbow foil by Foilco studded on the completely biodegradable cover.

The Top Award 2019 main jury comprising Simon Esterson, Eye magazine; Frank Goehrhardt, Taschen; Hadar Peled Vaissma, HP Indigo; Emilio Roccioletti, ERD Design; Astrid Stavro, Pentragram. 


Plant Therapy

The book comes filled with easy-to-read information about a variety of plants, how to care for them sitting alongside gorgeous bold illustrations and a very useful infographic chart. Nearly all of the 12 plants in the book are perfect for beginners, ensuring a stress-free, successful and fulfilling experience.